QIBA’s Sydney Campus is located at 207 Church Street, Parramatta. Parramatta is a city within the city located in the heart of Sydney and offers a rich mix of dining, cultural, entertainment, retail and leisure experiences. From its world-class cafes and restaurants to its vibrant nightlife of theatres, cinemas and clubs, Parramatta has something on offer for everyone.


Parramatta celebrates the traditions and festivals of the diverse, multicultural community that call this city home, with 52,206 residents coming from a non-English speaking background. Parramatta local government’s top five ethnic groups include:


  • Lebanese
  • English
  • Chinese
  • New Zealander
  • Indian


With an advanced transport infrastructure system, Parramatta plays a key regional role transporting millions of people every day through its integrated network of rail, road, bus and ferry services. Its central location means that Parramatta is an important hub for medical, legal, financial, educational and professional services.