PTE-Academic Preparation (Part- time)

  • Course Duration : Classes offered over 2 weeks , 4 weeks or 6 months
  • Tuition Fee : Tuition Fee: $360/week
    Enrolment Fee: $250
  • Location : Level 10, 140 Elizabeth Street, Sydney NSW 2000
    Level 2, 108 Margaret Street, Brisbane City QLD 4000
  • No of Hours : 20 hours/week
  • Material Fee : 4 weeks or less – $60
    Over 4 weeks – $15 per week
    Maximum – $360
  • Mode of Study : Face-to-face

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QIBA is a registered training organisation delivering government accredited vocational education courses. We are listed on the Pearson’s official website as an authorised PTE test preparation centre and are providing PTE classes according to a student’s need. QIBA is the best PTE test preparation centre in Sydney with advanced teaching techniques and a proper learning environment.

QIBA staff and management have exceptional experience in international education: QIBA has been involved with major English projects in Japan, Malaysia and New Caledonia, with on-going English for Academic study programs in Tianjin China.

We employ only fully qualified and experienced teachers. Our PTE teacher is Cambridge University certified and has more than a years’ experience in teaching PTE to international students. He has helped more than a thousand students achieve their target score.

    PTE Express (2 weeks)

    • Course completion in just two weeks
    • Learn all the proven tips and tricks
    • 11 full online mock tests
    • Online past exam questions
    • Free access to computer lab and library
    • No morning/evening class swap restrictions
    • Recommended to those who have less than a month to prepare and need little guidance
    • Recommended for score target 50-65

    PTE Standard (4 weeks)

    • Course completion in the first two weeks.
    • Intensive review and practice session based on past exam questions in the last two weeks.
    • Customised feedback session for all students
    • 11 online mock tests
    • Online past exam questions
    • Free access to computer lab and library
    • No morning/evening class swap restrictions
    • Recommended to those who are completely new to PTE, have more than a month to prepare, and want direct feedback from our expert PTE teacher.
    • Recommended for score target 65-79

    PTE Unlimited (6 months)

    • Unlimited classes until desired score is achieved
    • Unlimited access to computer labs and library
    • Unlimited feedback and assessment sessions
    • Free grammar sessions
    • Recommended to those who want to significantly improve their band scores from 50 to 79+

    Frequently Asked Questions?

    1. How is PTE different from IELTS?

    PTE is a completely computerised English language testing system. All four sections, speaking, writing, reading & listening, are completed in one sitting in a 3-hour examination. PTE also scores candidates on their enabling skills, such as oral fluency, pronunciation, spelling, grammar, vocabulary, and written discourse. Unlike IELTS, candidates are not allowed to go back to a previous question. Once candidates click the ‘next’ button, they are not allowed to make any corrections or re-attempt the question.

    2. Is PTE easier than IELTS?

    Well, there is not a fixed answer to this question. Some students find PTE easier than IELTS, and some the opposite. However, from our experience we’ve found that the majority of students consider PTE to be the easier one for various reasons. For example, students do not get nervous in the speaking exam as they do not have to speak to a person. Similarly, they don’t have worry about their handwriting as all answers are typed.

    3. I scored band 6 in IELTS. Should I go for IELTS again or PTE?

    To get each band 8 in IELTS is extremely difficult but not impossible. Unless you’ve already scored each band 7 in IELTS and your academic English is very good, I do not suggest to go for IELTS, as this might be extremely time consuming and frustrating as well. If you require band 7 or 6.5, then it’s up to you. As I mentioned above, most students (especially in Australia) find PTE to be a lot easier than IELTS.

    4. I’ve heard my friends constantly talk about tips and tricks in PTE. What is it anyway?

    Yes, there are tips and tricks but it’s not quite that easy. First, students must completely familiarise themselves with the exam format. If your basic grammar is okay, then with proper tips, tricks, templates and standard practice questions (QIBA provides you all of these) you can easily score band 65 (IELTS 7) and even 79 (IELTS 8). It is a computerised test, so there are some loopholes than can be exploited. But please bare in mind that it’s not all about tips & tricks. It’s a combined effort of intensive practice sessions, feedback & review, and teacher’s guidance along with tips & tricks.

    5. How can I book my PTE exam?

    The exam can be booked online rather than visiting a physical office. Go to Pearson’s official website: You’ll have to register first using your email address. Please keep your username and password safe, as you’ll need it later to view your score report or to send your score report to a desired organisation. Payments ($330) must be made online to book the exam. Cancellation and/or rescheduling is allowed, however, there may be additional costs. Please go to to find out more.

    6. How long do I need to prepare before appearing for the PTE exam?

    I recommend to prepare for at least 4 to 6 weeks. If you book your PTE exam in Sydney, the exam wait can be up to six weeks away. So why not take this time to prepare yourself properly. If you need to improve your academic English – however, I’d suggest the preparation time to 8 to 16 weeks.

    Trilochan Raj Puri
    PTE Instructor – QIBA
    • Online mock test with 11 complete sets based on past exam questions.
    • PTE practice software (offline & downloadable) with 3 practice sets
    • Past exam questions
    • PTE books with authentic practice questions and comprehensive guidance & strategies
    • Templates for Describe Image, Retell Lecture, Write Essay, Summarize Written Text, and Summarize Spoken Text. You’ll be surprised to find out how easily our templates help you to boost your PTE score.
    • Exam booking assistance
    • Post-exam consultation


    Make sure the microphone is positioned correctly.

    Speaking loudly and clearly in a natural pace.

    If you make a mistake while speaking, do not go back to correct it.

    Avoid hesitations and repetitions.

    Do not pause for more than 2 seconds.


    Follow the writing template written our expert PTE teacher to improve your writing score and to understand the scoring mechanism in depth.