A Day of Discovery & Democracy!

QIBA PY students from Canberra embarked on an educational excursion to Australia’s institutions of Law and Democracy. They were immersed in an enriching experience that seamlessly blended learning with excitement.

From the solemn halls of the High Court to the dynamic chambers of Parliament, students witnessed the inner workings of our legal and political systems firsthand. They gained insight into the principles that underpin our nation’s governance and legal framework.

QIBA PY students tried out judge’s robes and wig, engaged in mock trials and ignited their passion for justice. They also scored front-row seats to the main event: question time at the new Parliament House! As the Prime Minister and the opposition clashed in a battle of wits and words, the students sat spellbound, soaking in the drama and excitement of democracy in action.

…and the day drew to a close, everyone gathered on the grassy lawn of New Parliament House. The students shared their reflections. Some dreamed of becoming politicians, while others vowed to protect the environment. All agreed that democracy was more than rules—it was about listening, understanding, and working together.

It was a fun day of learning!