Enrollment Process

The student is advised to do some research about living in Australia and about the subject that they want to study. They also need to make sure that the qualification is in line with their professional development needs. Once they are happy with the course, tuition fee, location of the campus, meet all the minimum requirements to enrol in the course and meet the visa requirements, they may proceed to Step 2. Each student should also read the Student Handbook on the QIBA website.

The student will then complete the application form and send it to QIBA along with certified copies of their:
1. English proficiency certificate
2. Academic transcripts and certificates
3. Passport
4. Copy of their current visa (if applicable)
5. OSHC Membership details (if applicable)
6. RPL/Credit Transfer Application (if applicable)

QIBA will assess the application and send an outcome to the student or to their nominated agent. If the student qualifies, an offer letter, which will also include the request for payment, will be sent to the student or their nominated agent.

NOTE: In an instance where QIBA needs to wait for any documents, a conditional offer letter will be sent first. A Full Offer Letter will be sent once all the required documents have been received.

After the offer letter has been received by the student, they need to send further documents to QIBA which must include:

  • Signed Offer Letter and Declaration Form (written agreement)
  • Proof of payment of the tuition fees
  • Proof of payment of Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

Once all the documentation has been received and it meets the requirements, QIBA will issue the Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) for the student.

The students need to contact the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) or the Australian High Commission Office to apply for their student visa or for any other visa related enquiries.

If the student’s Visa is not granted, the student will initiate fee refund procedure by filling out the Fee Refund Application Form available on our website www.qiba.edu.au

If the student’s Visa is granted, the student will:

  • Make his/her travel arrangements
  • Organise accommodation

All students must attend the orientation class in which they will learn about:

  • Support services available
  • English language and study assistance programs
  • Legal services
  • Emergency and health services
  • QIBA’s facilities and resources
  • Complaints and appeals processes
  • Requirements for course attendance and course progress and other important information such as employment rights

The students will also enrol in different units of their course and
will receive their timetable.

Once the students have attended the orientation, they need to make sure they attend the classes regularly and meet the course progress requirements.