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Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)


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Please note: It is a requirement of your student visa approval that you show evidence of current OSHC for the duration of student visa. It is the student’s responsibility to get health coverage.




Do you consider yourself to have a disability, impairment or long-term condition?
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Study Reason


Of the following categories, which BEST describes your main reason for undertaking this course/traineeship/apprenticeship? (Tick ONE box only.)

TickCRICOS CodeCourse TitleHours p/wApplication FeeTuition FeesMaterial FeesCourse Length
080115D080115DGeneral English (Power Language) (Elementary to Advanced20$200$170 p/wN/A weeks
076429J076429JCambridge First Certificate20$200$170 p/wN/A weeks
022758E022758EEnglish for Academic Study25$200$170 p/wN/A weeks
067051B067051BDiploma of Business (BSB50207)20$200$5200N/A40 weeks
084889C084889CDiploma of Management (BSB51107)20$200$5500N/A48 weeks
084890K084890KAdvanced Diploma of Management (BSB60407)20$200$6000N/A50 weeks
Entry Requirements for:

  • Diploma of Business
  • Diploma of Management
  • Advanced Diploma of Management
Direct Entry:

  • Successful completion of Year 12 or the equivalent level of study
  • Minimum English level of IELTS 5.5 (no subscore below 5.0) or equivalent


Course 1:


Course 2:


Course 3:


Unique Student Identifier


From January 1, 2015 all learners studying nationally recognised training in Australia are required to have a Unique Student Identifier.

Please enter your USI

If you do not have a USI, you can apply at QIBA can apply to the Student Identifiers registrar on your behalf for a USI. You will be required to complete Unique Student Application Form.


How did you hear about QIBA?

Recognition of Prior Learning & Credit Transfer


I wish to apply for RPL


I wish to apply for Credit Transfer


Additional Fees & Charges


  • Re-Issue of Student Card $20.00
  • Re-Issue of Testamurs / Statements of attainment - $50 each copy
  • RPL Fee $250.00 per unit
  • Reassessment Fee $220.00
  • Late payment of semester fees - $250.00 per instalment
  • Unit re-enrolment fee $500.00 (for students who exceed the maximum duration period)


Declaration – The information provided by me in this form is complete.

  • I understand that the payment I provide applies to the course I have chosen and I will be provided further information from QIBA to finalising my enrolment.
  • I acknowledge that providing false information and /or failing to disclose any information relevant to my application for enrolment and /or failure to complete an application/Enrolment form may result in the withdrawal of any offer
  • I understand that it is my responsibility to provide all relevant and required documentation as specified in the International Student Prospectus
  • I can view current policies and procedures online at and I can contact QIBA. to request a paper copy to be sent to me.
  • The fees related to the application are not the total fees. Payment of fees will be included in the student enrolment agreement once my application has been accepted.
  • I understand that if QIBA rejects my application before providing a student enrolment agreement the application fee will not be refunded.
  • I will abide by the Rules and Regulations of QIBA
  • I have the financial capacity to meet tuition fees, and agree to pay fees as they become due;
  • QIBA is required, under s19 of the ESOS Act, report to the Secretary of the Department of Education about changes to student’s enrolment; and any breach by students of student visa conditions relating to attendance or course progress;





Koki Tharum Malaysia
Dorota Skawinska Poland
Sungmi Lee Korea
Chun-Yen Chuang Taiwan