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Orientation Program

QIBA is committed to ensuring that all students receive support to adjust to life and study at QIBA. An orientation program will be compulsory for all students prior to starting their course. Orientation programs will be conducted at the beginning of each course intake. Where a student is admitted to a course late, Student Support Staff will go through the orientation on an individual basis.


QIBA will ensure that the orientation program is culturally sensitive so as not to offend any student. The orientation program will include information provided through a power point presentation on:

  • Support services available to assist overseas students and to help them adjust to study and life in Australia
  • English language and study assistance programs
  • Any relevant legal services
  • Emergency and health services
  • Our facilities and resources
  • Complaints and appeals processes
  • Requirements for course attendance and course progress
  • Support services available to assist with general or personal circumstances which may affect your education in Australia
  • Information on employment rights and conditions and how to resolve workplace issues

Learning and Language Support

Students are provided with a range of learning support options and resources to help them meet course requirements and maintain attendance. This includes:

  • Tutorial support assistance.
  • Computer and technology support.
  • Referral to external support services
  • Language, Literacy and Numeracy Support
  • English language support

Welfare Services

Welfare services can include services that address the mental, physical, social and spiritual well-being of students. These services may include, through direct provision or referral, information/advice about: accommodation, counselling, crisis services, disabilities and equity issues, financial matters, legal issues, medical issues, mental health, peer mentoring, programs promoting social interaction, religious and spiritual matters, and stress-management.

It may also include advice on academic and study issues.

In all matters we will respect your right to privacy. Any information disclosed will remain strictly confidential.

Please refer to the Student Handbook  for further  information on who to contact for help.

A message in regards to the COVID 19


Dear Staff, students and valued partners,


QIBA would like to take this time to let you know that our campuses are open and we continue to offer all classes. We have acted robustly to enact current COVID 19 guidelines and will continue to monitor this situation with upmost diligence.



While at QIBA, and before entering a classroom, please ensure you wash your hands with soap and water or hand sanitiser. Always be mindful of covering up if you sneeze or cough.



Just as we would normally ask of you, if you are feeling unwell, please side with caution and seek medical advice.


Our staff are equipped to handle any queries you may have and of course you are welcome to access our policies at

In the meantime please stay safe.


Warm regards

Jodie Heylen