PY Host Employers

The QIBA Professional Year Program (Information & Computer Technology) provides international ICT graduates from Australian Universities with the practical job readiness skills and training needed in Australia’s ICT industry. Our PY candidates all have eligible skilled occupations which address Australia’s ICT skills shortages and cannot be filled by domestic graduates.

The Professional Year Program includes a minimum 220-hour vocational internship with approved PY Host employers, sourced from a range of professional companies and organisations. The internship is undertaken over 3 days per week for a minimum 12-week period at the completion of the 32-week QIBA course.

The Professional Year Internship is the equivalent to the Fair Work Act 2009’s definition of a vocational placement, therefore, the Internship component of PY program aims to utilise the skills and knowledge learned during their provider-facilitated coursework, lawfully unpaid. The internship candidate will require some mentoring guidance and supervision of their work project by a qualified ICT professional in the organisation.

QIBA is currently working with more than 1500 PY candidates who require an internship experience over the coming months. Please note our events calendar for upcoming events focused on recruiting internship hosts.

Internship hosts may be one of the following:

  • A start-up or small ICT business with very few employees. These are eligible as internship hosts (for very limited numbers of interns) as long as there is an ICT qualified supervisor involved.
  • A non-ICT business. These are eligible as internship hosts as long as there is an ICT qualified supervisor involved. The number of interns will be determined by the scope of the internal ICT department and the overall number of employees.
  • ACS and DHA strongly prefer ON-SITE internships, whereas Remote ICT businesses are welcome and can be considered in special circumstances.
  • Sole-traders, starts ups, ICT Businesses, non-ICT Business are always welcome to becoming a host company, however there is no guarantee, as the companies must initially abide by ACS policies and must comply with ACS guidelines.

Migration Agents and Consultancies are not eligible as host companies.

For further details, please contact our Internship Placement team via