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The internship component of the Professional Year Program provides an invaluable opportunity for graduates to turn theory learnt into practical experience, QIBA Interns gain relevant entry level experience from internships sourced from a diverse range of professional companies and organisations. QIBA enjoy meeting the expectations of our interns by sourcing high quality internships and providing a pathway to the first stages in the journey towards a professional career.


Expectations of an Intern

  1. The Intern will be treated as any other employee of the host employer and is required to abide by the host employer’s:
    • – Work practices
    • – Workplace timetables, hours and punctuality
    • – WHS policies and procedures
    • – Codes of practice including behaviour, dress codes, confidentiality, courtesy and respect
  2. The intern will be covered by insurance for injury as a consequence of internship workplace injury
  3. The intern is able to cease internship and transfer to an alternative internship with permission from QIBA only if there is a genuine and valid cause to do so. Failure to adhere to host employer workplace requirements may lead to cancellation of the internship.
  4.  The intern is expected to work whilst receiving no salary or wage from the host employer
  5.  Interns agree to strict confidentiality in relation to any information relating to the host employer

Responsibilities of the Intern


1. Prepare for and attend in a professional manner an internship interview with a host employer when requested by QIBA.

2. Follow punctuality and host workplace practices.

3. Follow professional and ethical codes of behaviour at all times.

4. Maintain regular contact with QIBA’s Iinternship Manager via email and telephone as required.

5. To work the minimum hours and weeks required by the QIBA Professional Year requirements.

6. Complete and return all internship documentation provided by QIBA prior to graduation of the Professional Year Program.

7. To give an oral presentation of the internship experience.

General Internship Information


Computer Science (ICT) – Hours


ICT students are required to perform 220 hours over a 12 week period (3 days per week for 12 weeks).



Self sourced Internship / Employment


All Professional Year students are encouraged to source an internship and/or employment in their field whilst studying the Professional Year Program. In some instances if students are already employed in their field then they may use their paid employment as an internship. However, before any internship hours can be recorded the self found internship must be approved by the QIBA Internship team and by ACS prior to commencement by emailing . This email is to contain full details of the business including, full business name, supervisor’s name, business phone number and email address. The Internship team will then contact the employer directly to ascertain if the duties being performed are suitable for the internship and organise a site inspection. QIBA will then notify ACS. If the internship is deemed suitable the student will then be sent the appropriate paperwork and may begin the internship.

Koki Tharum Malaysia
Dorota Skawinska Poland
Sungmi Lee Korea
Chun-Yen Chuang Taiwan


A message in regards to the COVID 19


Dear Staff, students and valued partners,


QIBA would like to take this time to let you know that our campuses are open and we continue to offer all classes. We have acted robustly to enact current COVID 19 guidelines and will continue to monitor this situation with upmost diligence.



While at QIBA, and before entering a classroom, please ensure you wash your hands with soap and water or hand sanitiser. Always be mindful of covering up if you sneeze or cough.



Just as we would normally ask of you, if you are feeling unwell, please side with caution and seek medical advice.


Our staff are equipped to handle any queries you may have and of course you are welcome to access our policies at

In the meantime please stay safe.


Warm regards

Jodie Heylen