Lu Yu (China)

I am really grateful to QIBA for providing this high-quality course. QIBA professional year program teaches me the tips of writing an attractive resume and a concise cover letter, the way of preparing a perfect interview, which helps me get a internship in government department. This is an unforgettable experience in my life. Doing this internship, it is a great way to explore my career I am interested in. And it provides a real-world experience that enables me to put everything I learned into action. This internship experience even provides more opportunities for my future job seek. Thanks for all friendly staff and responsible teachers in QIBA again. 

Koki Tharum (Malaysia)

I was a Bachelor and Master’s graduate who badly needed entry level workplace experience. QIBA was recommended to me by a friend who had completed the PY Program and had experienced a high quality internship which had assisted her to gain full time employment. My internship gave me the opportunity to not only gain practical experience but develop new skills and apply the methods and theories learnt whilst studying. The internship was a great way to meet people in my own field and provided an excellent networking opportunity.

Satwinder Singh (Indian)

Thank you does not adequately express my gratitude for the experience I had in completing my General English course as it has boosted my confidence and I have learned the whole course. I, Satwinder Singh, thank you Helen Anderson and Stacey Sensei for being the best teachers and providing me excellent support throughout the course. Thank you so much!
I highly recommend QIBA for the English Language courses. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Asuka Sugimoto (Japanese)

I enrolled general English course in QIBA to improve my English skills.
Unfortunately, I was studying in an online class due to the influence of the coronavirus, but I was able to spend a fulfilling time. Helen taught me not only textbooks, she adopted games and activities so I enjoyed learning and discussing with my classmates.

We stay in touch even after graduating from class.

I am very grateful to meet wonderful teacher and friendly classmates in QIBA.

Sandeepa K C (Nepalese)

In QIBA, I had the online class all the time during my course, but also I never felt like I was having an online class as it was so interactive, and students and our tutor were friendly towards each other.The online platform provided by Zoom has been a genuinely great learning opportunity. I think Pinkys’ support, criticism, and general help was wonderful. She was switched on and patient, and was so good towards students. Assignment feedback was direct and helpful, and consistently encouraging and energizing.

I will miss this family and especially Pinky when I will finish this ocurse.

Suraj Thapa (Nepalese)

The Professional Year program at QIBA has enabled me to develop IT Industry-specific skills through a combination of study and work experience. I have achieved overall professional development by improving my leadership, Teamwork, Interpersonal and workplace skills. The Internship served as the most crucial component of the PY Program to enhance my career prospects. I also got hands-on experience with the Australian Workplace Culture.

The Professional Year experience was even more special due to the efforts and expertise of the amazing Facilitators at QIBA. Improving my Interview Skills, Resume Writing, and Presentation skills have boosted my confidence and motivated me to seek a professional career in the Australian Workforce.

Sungmi Lee (Korea)

Team work was the most valuable lesson I learned from the PY program. The training provided valuable interview opportunities. These opportunities also offered me great experience in preparing a resume, pre-research specific job roles, understanding company and organisation values and tackling potential interview questions.